CRINKLE – Volume 1 will be an anthology that spotlights the Babyfur community and some of its finest authors and artists. We hope to feature many tales of being little, diapers, and fluffy critters that enjoy taking part in all kinds of ABDL-related fun!

While collections of Babyfur and ABDL stories have been created before, they have only been produced by individual authors. When several writers approached us asking if we could make a project open to general submissions, we decided to go big or go home and try to create something truly special. 

CRINKLE will be a Safe For Work anthology featuring stories with consenting adults over the age of 18.

Featuring Stories From

  • BabyStar/Toddlergurl – The creative mind behind famous Babyfur comics like SHINE, Cottontail Nursery, Housebroken, and Found. She is a full-time Babyfur artist and writer. (See their work here!)
  • Crinkle Cat (formerly known as Lion Stories) – A professional AB/DL and Babyfur author. With over 200 short stories published on FurAffinity and SoFurry, Crinkle Cat will be making his anthology debut with Strange Family in CRINKLE. (See their work here!)
  • Diaper_Plush – Known more commonly as Omikron, Omi, and Foxy Plushie, he works as a casual, part-time writer with an amiable collection of literary works posted on his FurAffinity. His preference towards diapering quadruped characters makes for fun and unique stories. (See their work here!)
  • Horatio Husky – A freelance author also known as Way-Way. They have a passion for writing G-rated fiction featuring regression and babyfur themes as well as stories on the spicier side. He enjoys creating those anecdotes with as much cute and innocent wholesomeness as he can muster, demonstrating a strong range of literary flexibility between sensual scenes and stories that are distinctly cute and innocent. (See their work here!)
  • And Maybe You! – No seriously, we’re open to submissions now! Check out our submission call here.

With cover art by Alioth Fox and the potential for ten popular artists to be featured as illustrators if our stretch goals are met, we’re excited to present this anthology to you all. We’ll present more details as we get closer to the date, so check in here or follow us on Twitter to stay caught up on all the news!